Concussion. (English Story)


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Sep 22, 2014
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Description: While swimming in the creek I hit my head on a rock. A concussion. Mom fed me and bathed me while I was recovering. While bathing me, it became very exciting.

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Going swimming in the creek is a lot of fun. We did this often at several locations where the creek is wide and where there are some deep holes. One location even had a tire on a rope to swing out and jump in. This was great fun for a hot summer day. The creek is better than a pond as the water is cleaner because it flows faster, no cows stand around in it, and it is spring fed.

One Saturday when I was thirteen and just about to turn fourteen, after all the farm work was done, my Dad took my brothers, sisters, and me to the best spot on the creek for a swim.

Dad did his best to do a lot with us. He and Mom were always attentive and good to us. As farmers, we had to do a lot. Lot's of work in the fields and with the stock. He did a great job keeping us in a good frame of mind and tried hard to not show favoritism between kids. He even adopted a boy and girl who were orphaned by some deceased neighbors. The new brother and sister had our name. The name helped in school, as in a small town of less than 2,500, people can be pretty narrow about different names.

While swimming, we all took turns swinging out on the tire and jumping into the cool water. Between turns on the tire, we would swim around the edges of the big hole to look for tad-poles, craw-dads and small fish. We tried to impress each other for our ability to swim under water with our eyes open.

I dove into one of the more shallow spots to find craw-dads. Being thirteen meant I didn't have a lot of common sense. When I dove in, my head struck a large rock. I was stunned. Dad saw it, grabbed me, and pulled me up so I wouldn't be breathing water. I was woozy. Dizzy to the point I had to sit in the water to figure out what was going on. For the rest of time we were there, I didn't swing on the tire any more. Mostly, I sat on the bank watching in a haze of disorientation feeling like I was going to be sick to my stomach.

That evening I had trouble doing my chores. I finally had to tell Dad I was getting sick to my stomach just walking around. He took me inside and told Mom what was going on and what had happened. She was fixing supper and kept me awake by talking to me and shaking me when I drifted off. Supper came and went and I didn't feel nauseous any longer so Dad said I could go to bed.

I awoke the next morning to Dad shaking me. He was saying it was after nine. That was four hours later than I normally woke up. Dad said he was going to take me to the doctor's to have me checked out. The other kids were off to school so Dad and Mom loaded me into the station wagon and drove me to town. The doctor checked me out, looking into my eyes mostly, and checking the bump on my forehead. He pronounced me as having had a severe concussion. He said I would have to have four to six weeks of bed rest. Absolutely no farm work on machinery, no climbing stairs, and definitely no swimming. My room was up stairs in our house so that meant I had to sleep some where else.

When we got home, Dad took one of the bunk beds in my brother's room and brought it downstairs to the living room. He moved furniture around so the bed was near the couch and the other chairs. I was next to the piano that provided the family a lot of entertainment. It was a foot pump roll type piano that played by itself. I was the only one in the family that took piano lessons and the only one who played the piano for fun.

Anyway, I spent every day and every night laying on the bed in the living room. Someone would help me sit up, get to the table then get back to bed. I was usually out of it. Seems as if all I did was sleep. Very hazy about what was going on with every one. It almost seemed as if I was getting worse.

My Mom was very attentive. She always made sure that I had something to eat if I missed a meal because I was asleep. She would help me into the bathroom where I sat even to pee. I was too unsteady on my feet to stand up.

After a couple of weeks, I started to get a little more focused on what was going on around me. I still slept all the time but I would often wake up but not open my eyes. I would lay there and listen to what others were saying trying to make my mind focus to understand the conversation.

One morning after everyone had left the house except for my Mom and myself, I became aware she was in the living room and was carrying something with her. She started talking to me as if I were awake.

"Honey, I have to give you a bath okay?" She started. "I need to wash you all over and I should wash your hair, but it's so short you can probably get by with just the wash cloth."

She started on my face and did a thorough job. She washed my hair and put a towel under my head when she finished. She next unbuttoned my pajama shirt and pulled it off. I kept my eyes closed. She seemed pretty used to moving me around. She washed my chest and arms before she unbuttoned my pants. She was able to pull them off by sliding the waist under my butt and off the feet. She was amazingly gentle. With every movement she made, she would say something. Sometimes describing what she was doing or what she was going to do.

I was a little uncomfortable and embarrassed for her to see me as I lay there naked. If I showed that I was awake then she would know I had been playing possum, so I remained still and kept my eyes closed.

She first rolled me onto my side to wash my back and butt. As she washed down the crack, my dick began getting bigger. The whole time she was saying stuff like, "Have to get you nice and clean."

This was bad as I had a very long and large cock for my age. Compared to the other guys at school that I saw in the shower, I was a minimum of twice their length and at least twice as fat. I had measured it to be right at eight inches long. It's grown some in length since then but now a whole lot fatter.

Anyway she was very thorough and washed my entire butt very well. She placed a towel under my butt and rolled me onto my back. My dick was now standing straight up. Mom said, "Oh my, look what has come up again. We'll just have to wash that real good."

She began washing my dick and balls with a wet wash cloth. After I was very wet, I heard her soap up her hands. She caressed my balls then my dick with her soapy hands. I was extremely hard from her gentle handling. About the time I thought she would be done, she wrapped her hands around my dick and began sliding them down to the base, stretching my foreskin taught then sliding her hands back up till the skin just about covered the head. She kept this up and down motion going at a fairly slow tempo, talking constantly. "Does this feel good? This will help you feel better. My, my you are so large. Every time I wash you, I can't believe the size. I know you'll make a big mess but I have the washcloth right here. Hmmm, you're almost there."

I was thirteen, an always horny thirteen year old male. Before my unfortunate dive, I usually jacked off at least once a day and often two or three times. When I did it for myself it didn't take but a minute to bring myself off. With someone else manipulating me it was going to take even less time.

My dick became granite, my balls drew up, my stomach tightened, and I felt the juice flow up my dick to squirt. I must have squirted eight to ten times and I could feel that it was a lot. Mom was saying, "Oh son, you make so much of that stuff. You can really squirt."

She began washing up the mess and rinsing off all the soap. The contact kept my dick rigid. My mind was in melt down for having something like that feel so good. When she was done washing and rinsing, she used a towel to dry me off. I could feel the pre-cum form on my dick head. She would rub her palm across it making it slick and feel great.

Once again she took hold of me with both hand, gently stroking up and down saying, "You need more, don't you. You are growing to be such a man. This thing is going to be dangerous."

She stroked a couple of more times then I felt a warm moist feeling on the head of my dick. I realized she had her mouth on me. Oh man was that nice. She took one hand off and sucked me deep into her mouth, taking in four and five inches but still stroking with her one hand and holding my balls with the other. With her warm mouth on me and her tongue busy licking around the head, I has going to blow again very quickly. About thirty seconds later, I could feel the first pulses of juice rushing up my dick. She must have felt it as she pulled back till just the head was in her mouth. She must have been swallowing everything I was giving. As she felt my pulses weaken, she engulfed as much as she could again. Wow! Talk about feeling good. It was great.

"Honey you taste so good. You make a lot of yummy stuff. Thanks for giving me so much. Are you done now? Honey, do you feel better now?" She was saying this right to my dick while still stoking me slowly. It was tough for me not to answer. I wanted to tell her how great it was but kept quiet, eyes closed, breathing evenly.

My dick was not going down. It seemed to be permanently hard. So hard I could feel the skin pulling from the head of my dick.

"We can't do anymore today, honey, I have lots of chores to do. Maybe more tomorrow okay?" She gave me one more lick and let me go.

She pulled my clean pajama bottoms up and got them buttoned over my still hard dick. She then raised me and put on the shirt. She laid me back gently. When she was all done, she kissed me on my forehead then began cleaning up.

My dick was finally shrinking. My after sex lethargy was perfect. I just drifted off to sleep only to awaken from the commotion of everyone coming in for lunch.

I thought about this a lot. Every time I remembered how good it felt to have someone else jack me off and how good it felt to be sucked, I became hard instantly. I constantly had to lay on my stomach or side facing away from the room when people were there.

I remember I did eat really well for supper. Everyone commented on it.

The next day I was wondering if and when I would get another bath. It was my sole thought. About mid-morning when I had gone back to sleep, I felt myself being pulled up and my shirt come off. My dick became instantly hard, sticking right out of my pajama bottoms. I was then laid back onto a towel as Mom washed my face and hair then worked on my chest. She rolled me on my side to get my back then rolled me back over. My dick was still sticking straight out and I could feel it drip. Mom what talking a mile a minute telling me what a rude boy I was to not even wait till my pants were off?

She said, "Oh my, wait a second honey, I'll be right back." She threw a towel over my still damp chest and left.

She was back quickly and began taking my pajama bottoms off. As soon as she had them off, she turned me on my side again and washed my butt thoroughly. She rolled me back over and took hold of my hard dick. She did wash it and my balls very gently. Then she repeated the previous day's wash job by stroking me to a quick orgasm. As primed as I was it probably only took a stroke or two. She rinsed me off, telling me that she needed to clean me out real good.

Clean me out? What was she going to clean out?

She had cleaned up all the sprayed cum and had started to stroke me again when I felt that wonderful sensation of her mouth on me. She sucked me right in and started playing with the head of my dick with her tongue. With her hand going up and down and her mouth and tongue moving right along, I lasted about two minutes before trying to drown her. She pulled off with a pop and said, "Oh that is so good. That should make you last a little. Wish your Dad could give me that much. Wish your Dad was good for more than a couple of times too."

This time she laid her head on my stomach and bent my dick down so she could continue licking and sucking it. I naturally did not shrink a millimeter.

She raised up and said, "My turn now. You just lay there and be a good boy while I do this."

I felt her get on the bed with a knee on each side of my waist. She did all this while still holding me. She rose up and I felt my dick being rubbed around something moist. Just as I couldn't imagine what it was, I was slowly taken into a very warm, very moist, snug dick holder. Whatever it was, it was good.

Mom was saying, "You just hold on there son. Don't get too excited. Let me feel good too. Stay still and let me do all the moving."

I suddenly realized what was happening. She was on her second or third down stroke when it hit me and my eyes popped open. I was staring at my Mom's very nice bare breasts. Her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back and she was going up and down rapidly. Her breasts were swaying back and forth and moving up and down with her movements. The sight of her pussy covering and uncovering my dick was too much.

I quickly closed my eyes and came. I must have unloaded a gallon as it instantly started bathing my balls with all the liquid.

Mom didn't stop. She kept right on going up and down, now with a ton of lubrication. Thank goodness I didn't go soft. My mind was in never-never land with the thoughts of loosing my cherry and fucking my Mom. It was so good; I could feel my body building up for another blast.

Mom was still chattering, saying how good it was, how big I was, and a lot of Oh! Oh! Ohs! Her pussy seemed to squeeze me in a hard rhythm while her breathing became more ragged. When she squeezed me really hard, I let loose again. Who knows where it all came from, but it was a gusher. Mom slowed down and stopped.

When she caught her breath, she raised up letting my now finally shrinking dick slip from her along with lots of my juices. She awkwardly got up from the bed with an audible groan to walk quickly to the bath room.

She was back right away with a warm wash rag. She began washing off my dick and balls. Amazingly my dick began getting big again. Mom said, "Oh no you don't, that's enough for today. That thing is too greedy. Wait for tomorrow."

She finished cleaning me up and moved me around while dressing me and pulling the damp towels from under me. Still talking, she gave me a kiss on the forehead and said, "That was real nice. I've wanted that since the first day I washed you. Don't know how long this will last but it sure is nice."

Mom gathered up all the stuff and left. My mind was spinning. My eyes were still closed but I'll bet I had a smile on my face.

I woke up a little bit later and Mom was in the kitchen singing. Nice.

This only went on for about a week more. I think Mom was becoming suspicious that I might be awake. I didn't want to embarrass her so I never let on that I knew. She would make a comment every once in a while about endowed guys or how some guys can do it a lot. It was mostly when just she and I were together alone. I never admitted I knew and enjoyed. I think it was best that way so she would never feel quilt.

Sure wish we could have had a steady diet of that after I got well.

The End

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