My Friend's Wife: Part 1 - Intimate Hug


May 5, 2015
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My Friend’s Wife – The Intimate Hug
Part 1

*This is a true story, not a work of fiction, I tried my best to tell it as it happened*

I have been divorced for a year now, and one of my biggest supports through the tough times was Angel (name changed), wife of one of my friends. She helped me through the worst of my nasty divorce with great advice and support. We always had a friendly relationship, and eventually it got to a point that we were more friendly with each other than I was with her husband. We talked about everything under the sun, and I do mean everything.

I got a new place and moved in there, Angel helped me look for this apartment. After that she kept sending me meals so I would eat right and not starve myself to death. I thanked her over and over again and mentioned that I was forever indebted to her for the kindness she was showing me. She replied that I was more helpful to her, as I was always there for her and listened to her ramblings of her life which is stressful with her kid and marriage.

Eventually a time came when Paul (name changed), my friend had to take a trip abroad for work purposes. One evening she called me up as she was bored. Her daughter was with the grandparents and she had nothing to do. I invited her over to my place to watch a movie and catch up on chit-chat just like we usually do over the phone, except this time it would be face to face. At first she was hesitant, cause she has never been to a guy's place alone, especially her husband’s friend house. I ensured her that I’m more like a brother to her, and this was nothing but two friends getting together and watching movies.

In an hour, she was over at my place, dressed in jeans and a blouse top, looking very hip. I was in my quarter lengths cargo and a t-shirt,looking very relaxed and homely. At first she seemed very uncomfortable being there. She moved around fixing up the place as much as she could in order to not make eye contact with me. While doing that we made small chit chat like we usually do. A bit more this time on gossip, and on friends and the numerous affairs of people we knew about. I guess she was really uncomfortable being herewith me. I told her to stop, and to either sit down so we can get the movie started or go back home. I had to be forceful, which made her stop, look at me and come over to the sofa to sit down.

The movie started but we weren’t actually watching it, most of the time the volume was on mute and we were chatting. Soon the discussion went towards relationship and eventually sex. We found out that we both had a lot in common. She wasn’t getting any action from Paul in a long time and I hadn’t been dating ever since my divorce. The discussion went to a more personal nature as I asked about her relationship with Paul. According to her, he has been cold for a while, especially after their daughter was born. She had tried everything but he wouldn’t reciprocate so she gave up. She felt very alone, more alone than ever. These days he doesn’t make a move and neither does she. It kinda felt bad to hear and she became teary eyed obviously from the pain she was feeling about it. It was an automatic reaction from my end and I just got up, went over and gave her a hug. She was in awe and almost pulled back, but I held onto her. She cried and sobbed on my shoulder and I kept hugging her. After a while she stopped and I let her go and went back to my place in the sofa. She thanked me for the hug, and I replied it was not worthy of a thank you. She smiled and joked that this was probably the first man hug she got in a long time and she missed it. I replied that I would be happy to do it again if she wanted it. She said yeah, let’s do it again.

This time she came over to where I was sitting. I had thought she was joking, but she was serious. I got up from the sofa and stood up straight. I embraced her and she did the same this time. She took a deep breath and said don’t listen to anything I say now. I love how you smell, and I love the feel of your tight hug. I was like what the, what’s happening here,please bear in mind I haven’t been with a woman in over 1 year so my mind took this as seduction. I started roaming my hands all over her back, she hugged me tighter, and I was getting a hard on. I don’t know if she felt it or not, but I was getting horny. She let go after a while and raised her hands, and I did what came natural to me, I grabbed her head and kissed her lips. It felt to me that she was enjoying it but she pushed me and then slapped me. The slap on my left cheek stung for a while, she apologized. I caressed my cheek for a while then grabbed her hands. This time she didn’t fight back, drew her closer to me and this time gave her a passionate deep kiss. She melted and started mumbling as my lips locked into hers. She went on her toes to kiss me back. My hands let goof her and slipped inside her blouse to feel her tits. It was warm and soft and a handful. She gave out a coo and ooh and ahh. She hugged me tight breaking her kiss, and whispered,

“I want to fuck you.”

I grabbed her hand, and led her to my bedroom, she followed in a daze. I kissed her some more and pushed her onto the bed. I yanked her jeans off as fast as I could. She was wearing white panties with black lace, it looked cute. I took my pants of and she stared at my cock for a few minutes. I just stood there giving her an eyeful while taking off my shirt.

“I’m going to fuck you with this” and she bit her bottom lip. I crawled towards her for her pussy. I nudged and licked her pussy through her panties. She cried out in pleasure.

“Don’t tease me, fuck me now, put your cock in me.”

“No, I want to enjoy you, I’m fucking my friend’s wife, and I’m going to enjoy this.”

I couldn’t read her just then, she went a bit cold maybe,but I didn’t care. I slipped her panties off and dove into her sex. My tongue licked and she thrashed, my fingers spread her pussy lips and my tongue flicked her clit, she moaned and groaned.

“Oh baby, what are you doing to me, give me your dick….pleeeeease”, she begged

I kept on plundering her pussy with my tongue and fingers,it got juicier and wetter. She wasn’t lying, she hadn’t had a man in a longtime, otherwise she wouldn’t be reacting this way, like a virgin. She was horny and hungry and I was going to be her meal as she was going to be mine. I stuck my tongue inside her pussy and flicked it all over licking the walls.

She cried out “oh god, oh god, oh god….yeaaaah”. She shuddered and came in my mouth. Her juices covered my lips and my tongue, I kept trying to lap it up, but she stopped me. Her legs jerked in orgasm. I kissed her thighs and her pussy and each time she jerked. She was sensitive now. She put her hand on her forehead, I kept on kissing her privates.

“What are you doing to me?”

“I’m enjoying you,” I replied.

I moved on up and kissed her with her sex and juices coating my lips. I thought she’d be disgusted and pull back or block her lips, but she didn’t. I French kissed her, my tongue probing all the way into her mouth. I took off her top only to reveal a matching bra that went along with her white and black undies. Her breasts were something, like softballs. It was hard to imagine Paul not having his way with these lovely twins. She helped unclasp her bra and we both took it off. My hands moved up and cupped her tits. Massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples.She ooooh’d and ahhhh’d.

“Do you like it whore?”

“Don’t call me that?”, She responded

“You are a fucking whore, and I’m going to fuck your brains out like the slut you are.” I stated. She pushed me back, but I saw her nipples go erect. Some part of her was liking the dirty talk. I moved on top of her and pinned her down with my hands and full body weight. She tried to fight back but I kissed her deep and she melted. I kissed her neck, bit her shoulders and finally ventured down to her tits. Grabbing them with my hands I molested them.I tweaked, bit, sucked with all my might. She squirmed under me. She started scratching and clawing me. I could feel the warm lines penetrating on my back.Her nails were going in deep. The more she scratched the more I sucked hard on her breasts. She groaned and moaned.

“Are you ready for my cock you bitch?”

“I told you not to call me that?”

“You are such a slut, and I’m fucking Paul’s wife, my friend’s wife, just the thought of it makes me hard”

She looked towards her sides not making eye contact with me anymore. I placed the tip of my cock near the entrance of her pussy, she was so wet that it would go in without any help. I teased her for a while, rubbing the head of my cock on her pussy lips. Her eyes went big to small to big again, making it back to looking at me again.

“You bastard, fuck you.” She blurted out.

“That’s what I’m going to to, but you have to beg for my cock, beg for it?”

“You fucking bastard…….and then she whimpered…..Please give me your dick”

“I can’t here you, you cunt, louder….”

“Please give me your dick,” she shouted

I plunged into her with all my might. She gave out a scream…..and looking at her it seemed like the oxygen had left the room. She held onto the pillows and comforter as I pushed it all the way and then stopped moving. She wiggled like a snake with me inside her. I was inside her deep and good. I bent down and gave her a deep kiss and started moving in an out. She went wild. The mixture of kiss and my cock moving in and out drove her over the edge. She held onto me tight, and screamed my name.

“Oh baby, yes, yes ahhhh, oh gooooood, fuck me yeah, fuck me like that….uuuuuooooo”

I sped up, my balls and cock slapped against her pussy.” You like that huh, you like that you fucking bitch.”

She started moving her hips in rhythm, she was really intoit. She was so wet that I couldn’t feel my cock anymore. I was pushing deep and hard, her face changed, her eyes rolled up and she started bucking. Her legs were doing a dance of their own….she was coming. I stopped moving inside her,and she came twisting and writhing on my cock, calling for god again.

She was panting, and sweaty. Her hair was all messed up. She wanted to leave, but I hadn’t cum yet. I knew I would eventually had to let her get going soon but I was still hard. She was on her side and resting. I slapped her ass.

“Owwww, what are you doing”

I slapped it again

“Ouch you asshole, it hurts”

“Get on all fours you whore, I’m gonna take you doggy style”

“No I have to go. Enough for today”

“Fuck you, bitch” and with that I got her in position. I licked her pussy from the back and shoved my cock in.

“Ohhhhhh, ahhhh, easy please”

I held onto her hips and started ramming. The room was filled with sound of my clock slapping against her pussy.

“Ahhhh……Ahhhhh……Ahhhhh……Ahhhhh.” She grunted in rhythm

I grabbed her hair and started plowing her even more. “You like that you fucking bitch, tell me you like it you whore”

“Ooooouuuu I love it you fucking motherfucker, fuck me like that you, fucking animal” she grabbed into the pillows in front of her. Her vulgarity drove me over the edge. I could feel myself about to burst.

“Owwww, I’m gonna cum”

“Cum inside me you bastard, make me pregnant again and again. I want to feel your warm cum flowing down my thighs” she responded. I couldn’t hold it in and I just blew my load inside her. I never came so much in my entire life. I drained my balls inside her, slapped her ass cheeks and collapsed by her side. She stayed there with her ass high up in the air with what felt like ages. Her hair covered her face and I didn’t know if she was facing me or the other way.

I parted her hair and kissed her. She didn’t kiss back. Just laid there on her belly totally naked, her butt looking firm and red with my hand prints

“Was…was that good for you?” I asked. Silence for a while and then….

“I need to buy a emergency pill, don’t want to get pregnant”

“I’ll help you, will buy one the way”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll get it myself” with that she got up, went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and got dressed. She didn’t look at me even once. Eventually her car came to pick her up.

“Can I have a hug before you leave?” She came over and hugged me, it was cold and distant. I tried kissing her but she was already out the door. I looked out the window and saw her get in her car and drive away.

30 minutes later there was an SMS from her phone with the words “Thanks, for everything”.

To be continued...

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