Payback's a Mother


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Sep 22, 2014
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Payback's a Mother
Synopsis: This is not really a 'Fairy Tale' but is does have a moral. "...never steal love and sex from your own mother openly and shamelessly or that is how you'll pay it back."

Codes: MF FF non-con exhib ws preg

Crystal was now having sex with her new step-father on a nightly basis, and the sex that began as clandestine anal rapes a month earlier was now full, diverse, lengthy, very mutual, very satisfying, and done with her mother's knowledge if not consent. Her mom didn't like the situation, but couldn't or wouldn't put a stop to it. Crystal felt badly about that, but gradually came to feel that Bill had the right to make love to whomever he pleased as long as he paid all the bills. Crystal later came to feel that if her mother didn't like it, she should divorce him and go back to work. Later still, Crystal's attitude was that a sexy sixteen-year-old daughter has every right to compete with a rather plain, middle-aged, slightly over-weight, mother of five for the affections and attentions of the man of the house, and may the best fuck and tightest pussy win. And eventually, that the loser accept her place and be kept in her place.

This is the story of a basically good and decent daughter who got a swelled head and ended up with a swelled belly and a mother who could do something about that but wasn't the least bit sympathetic. The one thing an aspiring cheerleader didn't need at the start of her senior year was a big belly, or any belly, and hers was getting pretty big. She needed back-to-school clothes, not maternity back-to-school clothes, but those were the only clothes her sore mother would consider for a girl who was staying pregnant and would deliver a bastard child she would be keeping.

Crystal got down on her knees and begged. She kissed the knees. She kissed her way to both feet while begging. She cried real tears while begging, and begging forgiveness. In a last ditch effort to win sympathy; Crystal tried to kiss her way to her mother's pussy, just to prove how sorry she was. Surprisingly, Crystal made it there with no problem and was able to plant kisses all over and in her mother's crotch over panties which was surprising in itself, made more so by the fact they weren't alone. The four other kids were in the same room watching. The most surprising thing of all was when her mother shrugged off her robe and stood wearing only panties. Since Crystal had crawled out naked, this made for a very shocking and very lesbian scene.

Her mother seemed to want crotch kisses that were even more lesbian looking or she would not have yanked the crotch of her panties far to the side while bowing out her legs and thrusting out her cunt. She got them, good lesbian kisses and sucks. She allowed Crystal to pull the panties off, no problem - peel the lips open - no problem, but when Crystal delivered the subservient laps to that maw, her ma delivered a full bladder of warm piss right in her face with four siblings laughing their asses off and going, "Go Mom! Soak her good!" or "Give her a good drink!" or "Piss on her pregnant belly, too." And from the little one, six-year-old Frannie, "Pee on her baby bastard, too. Pee in her pussy and on her boobies, too, both of them, but mostly inside her pussy."

That seemed like a final answer and the jury of her peer's verdict on her conduct of the past four months. Crystal sat back on her heels, hung her dripping wet head and wept. That should have melted any mother's heart, but Lilly threw her daughter a towel and told her to clean that mess up. The jury was still laughing and disappointed that their mom didn't take Frannie's advice. The mommy was tempted. She did piss on the tits and the belly got a good soaking, but to piss in her pussy would have required a position change and a pause. Once Lilly got started, she didn't feel like pausing for anything.

We are talking about one very angry Mom and one very sorry daughter, but sorry didn't cut it after what she'd done. Now Bill was gone, took the car and all the savings. There was simply no money for school clothes or abortions, much less both. Crystal still couldn't believe he would leave her - not her mother, her, his lover now pregnant with his child. And it wasn't like her mother didn't warn her.

Crystal felt so used and stupid. She didn't blame her mother one bit. She didn't blame her brothers and sisters, either. There were two of each and they had been so close. She was the big sis who looked after them while Mom worked two difficult jobs. Crystal used to be such a good daughter and was a great sister/mother, especially to little Frannie. Now, the mother loathed her, they hated her, she had no place to go and was three months pregnant with some asshole's bastard.

Lilly did understand, but Crystal did have this coming. Sympathy and mercy was not yet warranted. She still wouldn't be getting an abortion. The sad fact was, they simply could not afford one and it was probably too late anyway. Even if Lilly could scrape the money together, the bastard was one thing Lilly had no sympathy about and the one thing Crystal should have to live with. The bastard was the lesson and the consequence. Take that away and she could go right back to her old life and pick up where she left off with no one except immediate family being the wiser. That simply was not going to happen. Lilly was satisfied that she finally got that point across, though she did it in rather dramatic fashion and was still naked.

After that vulgar exhibition, Lilly saw no reason to get decent again. After getting her cunt opened up and licked, what was there to hide, and how does a mother get decent after allowing something like that. There were other factors that led Lilly to stay nude while smoking her cigarette as though she weren't naked. The kids liked seeing her naked, and Lilly was still on fire from that unexpected lesbian scene with Crystal. She almost had an orgasm. Lilly was trying to come down from almost having an orgasm, but staying naked and looking at her naked daughter wasn't helping. Even dripping wet with piss, Crystal was still an absolute doll. God, could that doll suck a mother's cunt.

Crystal thought she had her mother on the verge of orgasm. Crystal thought she was making a friend if not lover, and she tried to convey her willingness to serve as her lover, a one sided lover, the one who knelt and served, letting everyone see that. This was something they wouldn't need to try and hide. Crystal thought she clearly demonstrated a willingness and an eagerness to serve and atone. She owed her mother so many stolen orgasms, she couldn't begin to pay them back, but was willing to try. Piss was totally unexpected, a shock and a disappointment, a wet slap in the face, major rejection.

Lilly, still standing, stubbed out her cigarette but still had a smoldering pussy between her legs, still had a naked doll on her knees who still looked willing to serve, and had four excited kids who wanted to see something else. Mostly, they wanted to watch Crystal eat more pussy. They wanted to see more of that pussy, too. Lilly was glad she shaved the lips that morning and gave the muff a close trim, and she hadn't done that in months, and didn't do it because she thought it might be going on display. That was just shear dumb luck. The timing was perfect and made it look like she planned all this.

Truth was, she didn't even plan to piss on Crystal, much less get naked for it and piss right in her face while she was eating pussy. That was most effective, but deliberately opening her pussy and aiming the stream at parts of Crystal - face, tits, belly, crotch, face again, then soaking the bowed head - that was something else. That was something sexual, something kinky, and the kids liked seeing something kinky. Bill and Crystal spoiled them, but they never saw anything like this.

Lilly made her way over to Crystal and stood with her feet planted on the outside of Crystal's folded legs, bring her crotch to the bowed head so that when Crystal lifted her head, her nose ended up in the slit. Lilly said, "You do realize you are staying pregnant and keeping that bastard, don't you?"

Crystal didn't shy away from the cunt and said yes with her lips moving on cunt lips. The kids crowded them on both sides to see better as Lilly said, "Don't even think that squares us. That baby growing in your womb is between you and Bill. He left you something to remember him by. If it's a boy, name him Bill, but that doesn't square us, and saying you're sorry doesn't square us. Don't tell me you're sorry, Crystal. You show me you're sorry, and you keep on showing me until I say we're square. I may never say we are square, but you keep on trying to repay all the love and sex you stole from me. You stole an awful lot, you little slut, so get busy and don't be bashful. Be as shameless paying it back as you were stealing it.

This came as great news to the sorry child. She went at that task with such fervor and enthusiasm that Lilly had to sit or collapse in place. Crystal followed on her knees to the sofa, then ate a series of gut wrenching orgasms out of her mother while her siblings held their mother's legs apart in the sitting splits, and Lilly her the lips open, watching a living doll suck one orgasm after another out of that juicy cunt, never seeming to tire and only taking breaks to fuck it with a squeezed tit. Lilly didn't miss Bill one bit. This was just the first installment. They hadn't done any love making in a bed, yet. They did that night, all night with the kids in the bedroom with them all night.

The moral of this story is, never steal love and sex from your own mother openly and shamelessly or that is how you'll pay it back.

The End

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